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Potrero Hill

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Mission Bay

Mission Bay is San Francisco’s newest neighborhood, which means it is populated by the Bay Area’s most tech-centric residents.

Mission Bay may not conjure visions of classic San Francisco, but this contemporary neighborhood is up-and-coming. Just across AT&T Park, Mission Bay’s wide boulevards and extravagant spaces are steadily filling in with luxury apartment complexes boasting bayside views.
They live in sleek and modern condominiums, giving Mission Bay’s vibrant cultural epicenter a unique buzz all its own, and this reimagined urban neighborhood is far from finished.

The Neighbors

Active and ambitious professionals.
Mission Bay has become the city’s main hub for scientists and tech industry workers, giving the neighborhood a brainy, youthful personality. Mission Bay has added an impressive roster of tech companies and anticipates the arrival of Uber’s world headquarters in 2018.

What to Expect

The latest in cutting-edge residential living.
Mission Bay is unlike any other neighborhood in San Francisco. It has a history, but it lives in the present — and the future. It has a vast coastline to explore (not to mention it is adjacent to AT&T Park), and is poised for exciting growth.

The Lifestyle

Seamlessly combines urban amenities with outdoor recreational opportunities.
Mission Bay is a breeding ground for ideas — and not only scientific ones. Mission Bay is for strolling the Bay Trail, scaling the walls at Mission Rock, and floating in a kayak waiting for a home run at McCovey Cove. Given how hard they work from Monday to Friday, there simply aren’t enough hours in a weekend to exhaust the go-getters of Mission Bay.

Unexpected Appeal

An updated vision for city living.
This is the new San Francisco, full of the seekers and dreamers who’ve always come to San Francisco, but with a twist: Mission Bay is sleek and bustling. It is San Francisco’s future, the first neighborhood to establish itself in the city for over a century. Here you trade charm for efficiency; that might mean giving up your curved bay windows, but when was the last time you saw a Victorian with an on-site fitness center?

The Market

A wide range of multi-unit buildings with more constantly being added.
Mission Bay is a planned community, and the strategy was to provide housing targeted at young homebuyers with the long-term strategy of keeping them in the neighborhood throughout adulthood. Right now Mission Bay is a bargain among San Francisco neighborhoods and spacious homes with outdoor space and community perks.

You'll Fall In Love WIth

The youthful energy and the opportunities for a balanced work/life ratio.
Locals enjoy views of the bay, baseball games on weekends, and walking along The Embarcadero to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. Does an active, busy, modern lifestyle sound good to you? Come see all that Mission Bay has to offer.

Inner Mission

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Bernal Heights

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